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Love in Winter

October 2009.380 pages, paperback
197x130mm, Portrait
ISBN-10: 0955960266
ISBN-13: 9780955960260
Six years after the Great War, a promising writer - Hervey Russell - is frustrated by her career and her marriage to an unloving man. Her desperate longing for a new beginning finds an outlet when she encounters her war-damaged cousin Nicholas, who until this meeting has thought his life was over.

Love in Winter forms part of the Mirror in Darkness trilogy, and its heroine is the author's autobiographical shadow.
Storm Jameson - Born in 1891, Jameson became politically engaged during her studies at Leeds and King's College, joining The Eikonoklasts, who were "sceptics, unavowed anarchists, dedicated to the unmasking of hypocrites". Jameson published 45 novels and many other works, including the two-volume memoir Journey from the North. As the Second War approached, she became the first female president of International PEN, and was instrumental in the escape of various writers from German-occupied Europe. Jameson died in 1986, and her work has been cited as influential by such modern writers as Jeanette Winterson and Zadie Smith.

Jennifer Birkett - Jennifer Birkett is Professor of French Studies at the University of Birmingham. She is the author of Margaret Storm Jameson: A Life, published by Oxford University Press in 2009.